Dramatic Interpretation

Cardiff Castle Interpretation Centre

The history of Cardiff Castle is at the heart of the growth of Cardiff. Bella Janson worked with D J Willrich Ltd to produce an introductory show that sweeps visitors through 2000 years of the Castle history, from the first Roman fort to its rise as a Medieval fortress and on to the era of Earl of Bute and the addition of his Victorian fantasy, built on the wealth of coal and the industrialisation of the dockyards. Tying these events to the present day is a girl whose notebook starts to reveal the secrets of the castle and its history and in the process leads her from one adventure to another. The seven minute show is projected onto a 12 metre screen, which rises at the finale to reveal a panoramic view of the Norman Keep opposite. The soundtrack score was composed by David Mitcham and features the 100 strong Morriston Orpheus Male Voice Choir and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

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